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Reflections – December 1, 2009

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my salvation come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. A key word in this psalm, “keep,” reminds me that the Lord guards, watches over and attends carefully over my life, as His child. How truly awesome He is!

Today’s Readings:Psalm 121; Job 4-5; Isaiah 25; John 21

You know how you feel when you have spent a couple of hours working on a document on your computer that you were sure that you saved …

Well, you guessed it. That’s what happened to this column today. I was working on it this morning when I received a call from a recruiter. After ending the phone conversation, I saved the work I had been doing on my Reflections and began researching a prospective employer. The day filled with other things, I lost the laptop to my wife (it is hers after all). It is now after 11:00 P.M and I discover that 95% of what I had written this morning was not saved. So I will pillow my head now and things will be better tomorrow…

Have a peaceful night and a great day tomorrow. Post your comments as you read, if you are so inclined.

–Randy Sexton

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