Mission Statement and Guiding Values

Mission Statement:

The purpose of ACV is to provide a forum for influencing all to live for Jesus. I was blessed to have parents who taught me about God and instilled within me a love for the truth. With this as a foundation, I developed a passion for teaching. My father, a gospel preacher for 49 years, was a strong influence in my life. He placed in the masthead of the electronic bulletin which he edited the last years of his life (1999 – February 2006), which he called A Christian’s Voice from Van Buren,” “Man uses his voice and pen to convey thoughts. Paul mentions using words that by his voice he might ‘teach others’ (1 Cor. 14:19). John says, ‘And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.’ (Rev. 22:17). My aim is to challenge, inform, and invite — us all to listen to the VOICE of God.”

I look for opportunity to help gather people for “that great gettin’ up morning” that the song (arr. by Gaither Vocal Band) talks about for the journey to heaven. Should God call me to a broader work with this effort, I am ready to serve! Lord, send me!

Our Guiding Values:

  • To Act with Integrity in All We Do
  • To Model Jesus with a Servant’s Heart
  • To Treat All with Respect and Honesty

Background of A Christian’s Voice:

When career changes were forced upon me in the fall of 2009, I considered launching a non-profit organization devoted to youth and men’s ministry. After a considerable amount of prayer, reflection, and analysis, I decided NOT to launch that effort. Though I continue to devote considerable energy and time to this website, I continue to seek re-employment in the field to which I have given my entire adult life. Supply Chain Management has been my primary area of expertise for over 35 years and include Fortune 500 companies Union Carbide Corporation, Sprint,  Embarq Communications, CenturyLink, and Weatherford International. When it became apparent to me that I was no longer considered a valuable contributor to the supply chain management profession, I decided to go into semi-retirement. After doing some reading about the subject, I chose a retirement 2nd career in Retail Merchandising.

As I write this revision to the Goals and Objectives for this website, I am sidelined by an old back injury and have not been able to perform my two part time jobs. It is my desire to once again make active posts to this website in hopes that it might be a positive influence for the cause of Christ.  Though the focus will now be broader in scope than it was, I am still very much interested in youth and men’s issues.

Thanks for visiting the website. If we can be of further service, do not hesitate to post a comment or to send a private e-mail to me at wrandall.sexton@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

–Randy Sexton


2 thoughts on “Mission Statement and Guiding Values

  1. Maybe it’s the back problem as a way God is letting you know you need to write and rewrite some of your dads article and post on the web for others to gain knowledge of both of y’alls work . I didn’t realize that his nor your writing were available on the web , never thought about going and looking for them just didn’t know ,thanks for sharing all this .

    1. You may be right Joe. I definitely plan to do more writing and more posting of much of my Dad’s materials. Thanks for reading and for recommending the site to others.

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