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Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading April 26, 2010

Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading April 26, 2010

Today’s Readings: 1st Samuel 16-20


After a long absence, I return this morning to putting on paper, the reflections from my daily Bible readings. I trust that you, dear reader, have continued to read your Bible consistently, if not daily, through what life has thrown at you. For the past several months I have been following the 52 Week Bible Reading Plan (Copyright 1995-2009 Michael Coley which you can obtain at

Today’s reading recounts David being anointed king while continuing to serve Saul as armor-bearer, until the time appointed by God for him to take over the kingship of Israel. He also is called into service, during this time, to play the lyre to help calm the trouble spirit that comes upon Saul from time to time. Eventually, of course, the love that Saul has for David (16:21) turns to jealousy and envy, and as the story unfolds, Saul makes many attempts on the life of young David forcing him to flee for his life continually.

David demonstrates his great courage and faith in standing against Goliath, the enemy of God. We see the development of the friendship and special bond between Jonathan, Saul’s son, and David. We see David’s romantic relationship with Saul’s two daughters, Jonathan’s sisters, Merab and Michal.

These five chapters contain many wonderful stories that remind us of the assurance that we can place in God who does not go back on his promises, like man does. We also see how rewarding our friendships can be when they are based upon the bond of mutual appreciation and respect and both parties respect God’s law. We see demonstrated also the lengths to which a man will go, when motivated by the wrong spirit, to achieve his own purposes against the purposes of God.

Thanks for reading with me, dear friend.

–Randy Sexton

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