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Reflections – December 5, 2009

Dear Reader,

Life got hectic and I am running behind again on my readings, so am just now posting the readings for today. Please post your reflections and thoughts.

Today’s Readings: Psalm 124; Job 11; Isaiah 30:18-32:20; 1 John 3:4-24

If you are following along with this feature on A Christian’s Voice, please let me know. It does take a great deal of time to make posts and I find it rewarding, but I also honestly reflect from time to time on why I am doing it. As you know, if you have read the Mission Statement and Dedication pages, My goal is to minister to others with the words that I write here. If this column or this website/blog is not accomplishing that mission, then I need to make some changes.

–Randy Sexton

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