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Reflections – November 17, 2009

My heart is lifted this morning by our first reading, which is a psalm of David. Confidence and appreciation are its themes. David proclaims, “My heart is steadfast O God! I will sing and make melody with all my being!” The reason for this confidence is stated in verse 4, “Your steadfast love is great above the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.” My Lord is an AWESOME god!

The second reading concludes the history of the northern kingdom of Israel, as a separate nation. The account of Assyria’s capture of Samaria and the carrying away of the people is followed by a catalogue of “whys.” This sad end came to Judah because of:

  • sin
  • worshipping other gods including making metal images of Baal
  • doing secretly against God things that were not right
  • doing wicked things
  • provoking the Lord to anger
  • not listening to God’s instructions through prophets and seers
  • despising His statutes

It is very clear that this calamity came upon the people of God because they failed to appreciate the love and faithfulness of God! Lord, help me to learn from those who have lived before me! I pray today that my God will create in me a clean heart, to daily make the commitment to serve Him all the days of my life!

Today’s Readings: Psalm 108; 2 Kings 17:1-23; Isaiah 5; John 10:19-42

The third reading contains the prophet’s conclusions from the diagnosis he has made of Judah’s spiritual decline in chapters 1-5. Though he prophesied during the days of 4 specific kings of Judah, he speaks in allegorical terms, of both the “house of Israel” and the “men of Judah.” The song of the vineyard (verses 1-5) describe God’s love in planting and nurturing the vineyard. This is followed by the “woes” and “therefores” (verses 8-30) describing the bitter fruits of Israel’s character and the harvest of inescapable consequences. I pray this morning that my Good Father will help me to obey Hiscommands through inspired servants who recorded His Word! I pray that He will help me to appreciate and respect those to whom He has have given the responsibility to watch over my soul (Hebrews 13:17).

And finally today, Jesus’ words remind me of the “stir” that He caused among the religious folks of his day. As he taught, there was very mixed response to His message. I can expect no less today. I am also reminded of the warm, trusting relationship that I have with Him, as I place my confidence in my Shepherd! I hear His voice! I follow Him! Nothing that will happen to me today, and no one that I will encounter today can “snatch” me out of His hand!

Examine the scriptures daily, receiving it with all eagerness (Acts 17:10-11), and have a blessed day, dear friend!

–Randy Sexton

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