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Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading April 28, 2010

Today’s Readings: Psalm 51-53

Today’s reading contains what the ESV Study Bible says is “probably the best known of the ‘Penitential Psalms.” Here David calls to mind his sin with Bathsheba and calls on God for His mercy. After taking “ownership” in his sin, he seeks restoration and renewal asking for God’s intervention in his life to create a CLEAN HEART and to renew a RIGHT SPIRIT within him. I love this verse and how David expresses his need to God. So often we fail to take ownership in our failings and attempt to blame them on others. Help me Lord, to humble myself in your presence this day and to make every minute count! Help me to fully realize that, when I sin, I sin against you and I affect my relationship with you.

David also has provided us a psalm that “enables the faithful to develop confidence in God’s care and protection.” In spite of the boasting of evil men, their potting of destruction, their working of deceit, their love of evil and lying and words that devour, we CAN MAKE GOD OUR REFURGE. We can be assured of His steadfast love forever and ever. Lord, help me to wait for YOU to vindicate your name by protecting those who trust in You. Help me to remember that it is not my job to take vengeance but it is yours! Help me to be patient and not grow weary in doing good!

David’s response to the atheist is, “You are a fool!” But recognizing that many have fallen away and are corrupt, he acknowledges God’s power to protect his people and to restore their fortunes. Praise God for His providential care for His children!

Thanks for reading with me, dear friend and I trust that you have had a blessed day!

–Randy Sexton

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