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Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading Tuesday­­­­­­, June 15, 2010

Today’s Scripture: 1st Kings 14-18

Things to remember in today’s reading:

  • A description of what happens to Jeroboam for his disobedience in wanting two houses instead of the one he was promised (14:1-20).
  • The events that have been occurring simultaneously in Judah are described (14:21-31).
  • The reigns of Abijam and Asa, kings of Judah are described (15:1-24).
  • The reigns of Nadab, Baasa, Elah, Zimri, Omri, and Ahab, kings of Israel are described (15:25-16:34).
  • “Elijah is introduced… His first task is to tackle the problem of Baal worship that Ahab has introduced into Israel in 16:31-32, and to demonstrate beyond all doubt that Baal is no more a god in any real sense than are Jeroboam’s bull calves (17:1-24) (ESV Study Bible, p. 632).
  • Elijah challenges and defeats the prophets of Baal (18:1-46).

Things God is teaching me in today’s reading:

  • God makes it clear how differently He treats the house of David, “because for David’s sake the Lord his God gave him a lamp in Jerusalem” (15:4).
  • In history, both sacred and political, we see the rise and fall of nations. If history teaches us anything, it is that God determines the course of events, not any king, or president or any other political official!
  • Idolatrous worship was at the root of Israel’s problems. It can be the cause of problems in our relationship with God as well!
  • What the Lord promises, He fulfills! (God commanded Joshua to pronounce a curse on anyone who might rebuild Jericho, Joshua 6:26) We see Hiel of Bethel reaping the consequences when he built Jericho in the days of Ahab’s reign in Israel, 1st Kings 16:34.
  • “…it is the Lord, not Baal or any other “god,” who controls both life and death, both fertility and infertility.” (IBID).

Things to act on in today’s reading:

  • I will recognize and praise God as the determiner of the course of events!
  • I will be careful to allow no idols to come between me and my God!
  • I will do what God has asked of me, believing that He will do what He has promised for me!

Things to pray about in today’s reading:

  • For a stronger faith!
  • For a deeper love!
  • For a focused hope!

Thanks for reading with me dear friend. Have a blessed day!!

— Randy Sexton

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