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Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 60-62

Things to remember in today’s reading:

· David offers a community lament. He feel that God has rejected them, expresses feelings of brokenness and prays for restoration (60:1-4)

· God’s plan to divide up the land for Israel is described (60:5-8)

· A request is made to God to grant help against the foe to lead them to Edom (60:9-12)

· An individual lament is made for help in times of trouble, using the familiar imagery, “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I,” from which the famous hymn gets its title (61:1-8).

· “For God alone my soul waits in silence,” declares David. His counsel to the people is, “Trust Him in all times and pour out your heart before Him (62:1-12)

Things God is teaching me in today’s reading:

· It is normal to feel dejected and it is wise to see restoration from God at times like these.

· God has special blessings for His children that others do not receive.

· Though we seek counsel from others, we dare not rely TOO heavily except on Him from whom our salvation comes.

Things to act on in today’s reading:

· I will pour out my heart before God!

· My soul will wait in silence for God alone!

· I will sing praises to His name!

· “I can hear my savior calling… Where He leads me I will follow. I’ll go with Him all the way! Footprints of Jesus that make the pathway glow; I will follow the steps of Jesus, wherever they go.” (Adapted from Where He Leads I Will Follow by John S. Norris and Footprints of Jesus by Mary B. C. Slade.)

Things to pray about in today’s reading:

· Lord, help me to wait for an answer from you!

· Lord, help me to recognize your voice when you call!

· Lord, please be with your servant Jesse; comfort and strengthen him!

Thanks for reading with me dear friend. Have a blessed day!!

— Randy Sexton

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