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Reflections – October 29, 2009

Today’s Readings: Psalm 89; 1st Kings 21; Zechariah 1:18-2:13; James 3:1-12

Today’s first reading celebrates the Davidic kingship and contrasts the promises of God to what this psalm’s author feels is His current treatment of David. As I reflect on what my life has become compared to what God has promised, I find that I am prone to complain that he is not living up to His promises. But as I pray about it, I hear God saying, “I was with you through those trials! The reason you only saw one set of footprints? I was carrying you through!”

In today’s second reading we find the account of Naboth’s misfortunes, at the hands of the evil Ahab and Jezebel, regarding his vineyard in Jezreel. As I read I reflect on how Naboth must have felt. It is only natural for a man to want to protect the inheritance of his fathers and yet Jezebel took it from him in an abuse of power. Religious freedom is part of the inheritance of my fathers that I protect for my sons. Should I be called upon to protect it to the death, may the Lord ever help me to stand firm to do so!

Zechariah’s vision of the man with a measuring line reminds me today that I am among the people of God who are the apple of His eye and that he will take retribution on those who abuse them and blaspheme His holy name.

James reminds me today of my obligation to mind what I say. How very tough it is to control our tongues! In fact James says it is impossible for us to “tame” it. How did I use my tongue yesterday and how will I use it tomorrow? Will I use it to build up, to encourage, or will I use it to tear down and riducule? Lord help me be a wise master of the tongue that you have put in my head! May my heart communicate to my brain, and my brain engage, before my tongue sends forth words that can never be recovered!

–Randy Sexton

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