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Reflections – October 30, 2009

Today’s Readings: Psalm 90; 1st Kings 22:1-40; Zechariah 3; James 3:13-18

Today’s first reading contains some memorable thoughts, ascribed to Moses, about God’s eternal nature and man’s fleeting years. As I begin my day, I pray, O Lord, teach me to number my days that I may have a heart of wisdom. May I be satisfied with your love, that I will rejoice and be glad all my days. Help me to seize the opportunities to influence others to seek you.

The second reading opens by describing the brief period of peace between Syria and Israel but then describes the desires of Jehoshaphat to fight against them for the return of Ramoth-gilead. We are also introduced to the prophet Micaiah and their love/hate relationship. This passage has always been a little difficult for me to understand; keeping track of who said what, who is a true prophet of God, who is a “lying prophet,” and what the message is for me today. Feel free to comment below to help my understanding of this historical record (Old Testament history is not one of my strengths.) One thing that has impressed me over the years, as I have studied the prophets, is how devastating it is when their is a failure of leadership. When those who are to be the spiritual leaders, the deliverers of the message of God, fail to lead, it is a great offense to God. I am reminded of Jesus’ words condemning the “scribes/lawyers” (experts in the law) of his day for “taking away the key of knowledge) (Luke 11: 52). As the ESV study bible says, “their distorted interpretations keep others from truly knowing God.” May I never be guilty of such hurtful actions and attitudes!

The third reading today focuses on the fourth vision of Zechariah in which he sees Joshua, the high priest, re-clothed. What a message of hope it must have been to hear these words of hope and restoration from the Lord. “Right of access” is something I value and the biographer John tells me that Jesus came to bring “the right to become children of God” (John 1:12). I am so grateful that I had godly parents that introduced me to Him and showed me that access.

The last reading causes me to ask myself, “What type of wisdom am I seeking?” I should be seeking that wisdom that is from God and is characterized by good conduct. The other attributes of that wisdom is described in this passage. My daddy was a very wise man and he taught me much by his life of service. He was a self-taught man, who said quite often, “I hope to learn something everyday that I am alive.” But his true focus was on the things of God. I am a witness to the fact that he never let a day pass that he did not reflect upon how he observed God’s power and God’s wisdom being worked out inHis creation and in the lives of His people.

Continue your daily bible reading and have a blessed day, my friend! — Randy Sexton

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