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Reflections – December 2, 2009

I AM glad when they say to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!” I AM glad to give thanks to the name of Lord! I pray for the peace of all of God’s people! I pray especially that those whom I love will be secure! For my brothers and companions’ sake, I AM saying, “Peace within you!”

Today’s Readings: Psalm 122; Job 6-7; Isaiah 26-27; 1 John 1:1-2:6

How can Job speak that way to God? I cannot begin to know all that he felt. I have not even come to close to what he is suffering in his life as the story unfolds in today’s second reading. In Job’s first address to God, he admits to not restraining his mouth, to speaking in the anguish of his spirit, to complaining in the bitterness of his soul. Job is known for his patience. We sometimes define patience as “endurance without complaint.” So how can that be? He charges God with making him “the mark” of His burden(7:20).

“Job will declare outright that God has wronged him (Job 19:6-7). At the same time, Job is certain that his ‘enemy’ is actually his advocate and will vindicate him… Astonishingly, the Lord does not take Job to task over his words, instead calling them ‘right’ (42:7). The book as a whole ilustrates that a full understanding of God’s reasons for events is not a prerequisite for faithfulness amid terrible suffering. Further, Job’s deep perplexity and questioning are not a provocation to God. ” (ESV Study Bible, p. 870)

Today’s third reading describes the final and complete victory that God will achieve for His people. It is described in physical terms as a strong city with walls and bulwarks, and in spiritual terms, as a place where God’s people are kept in perfect peace. Powerful word pictures are used by the prophet to describe a confidence and reliance upon God! (“desire of our soul,” “yearns for you in the night,” earnestly seeks you,” “your name alone we bring to remembrance, and “you have increased the nation”). Lord thank you for the promise to keep me in perfect peace because my mind is stayed on you and I trust in you! Help me Lord, as I evaluate and contemplate and plan my future days, to wait for you and to seek the path of your judgements.

In today’s final reading, John emphasizes the personal nature of his eyewitness testimony to the life that Jesus lived and the life that He brings to those who follow Him. The fellowship between those with a common faith is also a predominant theme. As a human creature, made as piece of pottery out of the earth by the hand of the Potter, I know that I am not able to live a life totally devoid of sin. But I am reminded by John that I have the assurance of always being able to seek God’s forgiveness and cleansing, when I confess my sins to Him, while living a life of walking in the light!

Have a blessed day, dear reader!

–Randy Sexton

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