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Reflections – November 30, 2009

In my distress I called to the Lord, and He answered me! He is there when I encounter complexities and uncertainties of life. He is there when situations frustrate and stress me. He is there when people disappoint me.

Today’s Readings: Psalm 120; Job 3; Isaiah 24; John 20

The second reading begins Job’s lament to the circumstances brought on him by Satan. It is significant that Job “cursed the day of his birth” but that he “did not sin with his lips.” The dialogue in the central section of the book, “focuses on the question of what Job’s suffering reveals both about him and about God’s governing of the world” and contains “two sequences of ‘why?’ questions … ‘Why did I not die at birth?’ (v.11) and ‘Why is light given a man whose way is hidden, whom God has hedged in?’ (v.23)” (ESV Study Bible, p. 876). When I encounter situations that cause me to ask “Why?,” I pray thai I face them in a way that allows me to “hold to my integrity.” That is a great statement God makes about his servant in Job 2:3.

The third reading begins Isaiah’s third series of oracles. These rather than against particular nations, are judgements are on the whole earth. The judgement of the whole earth will bring all, small and great to bow their knee before God. Oh that we would all know and respect Him before that great day of the coming of the Lord.

The final reading tells the story of Who Moved The Stone (This was the title of a book written by Frank Morison and published in 1930. Originally undertaken to prove that the story of the resurrection of Jesus was only a myth, Morison’s research led him to a strong belief in the biblical record. I highly recommend it as a resource for Christian Evidences!). Jesus’ appearance to reassure Mary Magdalene and his touching conversation with her and with Thomas endears me further to Him as my loving Saviour!

For me, a day spent in pursuit of career and family concerns, draws to a close with reading and meditating Scripture. I trust that you had a blessed day, dear reader! May the Lord protect and guide you on your way.

–Randy Sexton

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