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Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today’s Scripture: Luke 13-14

Things to remember in today’s reading:

*Jesus teaches the importance of repentance (13:1-3)

*Jesus teaches through the parable of the barren fig tree, the mustard seed and the leaven, and heals another on the Sabbath (13:6-20).

*Jesus teaches that He is the narrow door and weeps over Jerusalem (13:21-35).

*Jesus heals another on the Sabbath and teaches through the parables of the wedding feast and of the great banquet (14:1-24).

Things God is teaching me in today’s reading:

*When sin is committed it must be followed by repentance or doom is the consequence!

*God expects his children to bear fruit and to grow, and to work the works that He has given us to do!

*We should have concern for the lost!

*It is better to be humble than humiliated!

Things to act on in today’s reading:

*I will make each day count in my spiritual growth. I am not yet the man God wants me to be!

Things to pray about in today’s reading:

*Lord, dig around me and put manure on me that I might bear fruit and not be cut down!

Thanks for reading with me dear friend. Have a blessed day!!

— Randy Sexton

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