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Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading Thursday­­­­­­, May 20, 2010

Today’s Scripture: Job 41-42

Things to remember in today’s reading:

  • The Lord continues to question Job about his true understanding of God’s exercise of power and judgment, asking him what he knows about Leviathan (41:1-34)
  • Job responds in submission, recognizing God’s power and his own foolishness in venturing to speak where he had inadequate knowledge. He repents in dust and ashes (42:1-6).
  • The Lord rebukes Job’s friends, commands them to make burnt offerings for themselves and vindicates Job before them (42:7-9).
  • The Lord restores Job after his repentance, doubling his previous possessions and blessing his latter days more than his beginning (42:10-17).

Things God is teaching me in today’s reading:

  • When I presume to speak for God in those areas that are not revealed, and are therefore the “secret things,” (Deuteronomy 29:29), I expose myself to God’s rebuke.
  • There may be varying degrees of satisfaction on the part of God with my attitude. God expressed a level of dissatisfaction with Job as He responds to him (38:1-42:6), but when He is speaking to Job’s friends about him, he says, “you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has. (42:7-8).
  • I would do well to follow Job’s example, where appropriate, to pray for my friends that God not deal with them according to their folly (42:8).

Things to act on in today’s reading:

  • I will glorify the Holy name of God and reflect upon the greatness of His creation!
  • I will pray for my friends and family!
  • I believe that the Lord restored the fortunes of Job because he maintained his integrity, reaffirmed his faith, and was reconciled to his friends. I will look for the Lord to restore me to a position that will allow me to support my family.

Things to pray about in today’s reading:

  • Lord, help me to respect the voice and silence of the Scriptures!
  • Lord, may the folly of my friends and family, who are not allowing you to rule in their lives, become apparent to them. I pray for them that they will submit to your will in obedience, while there is yet time.
  • Lord, be with your servant Jesse and his faithful wife Lura. Give them peace, comfort, and strength!

Thanks for reading with me dear friend. Have a blessed day!!

— Randy Sexton

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