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Reflections on My Daily Bible Reading Tuesday­­­­­­, June 1, 2010

Today’s Scripture: 1st Kings 5-9

Things to remember in today’s reading:

  • The preparation for the building of the temple by Solomon is described (5:1-18). “This picture reflects God’s intended result when the people of Israel have a wise ruler and they walk in obedience to God’s commandments” (ESV Study Bible, p. 602)
  • The actual building of the temple and the royal palace complex is described (6:1-7:51). “Solomon began to build the house of the Lord… in the spring of 967 or 966 B.C. (1st Kings 6:1; 2nd Chronicles 3:1-2) and completed it seven years later, in the fall of 960 or 959 (1st Kings 6:38) (ESV Study Bible, p. 605).
  • The Ark of the Covenant, the great symbol of the Lord’s presence, is brought up out of the City of David to its place in the inner sanctuary of the completed temple (8:1-2).
  • Solomon prays, reflecting upon the nature of God’s “dwelling” in the temple and offering a seven-fold petitionary prayer (8:22-53).
  • Solomon blesses all the assembly of Israel, encourages every one of them to be wholly true to the Lord, and offers peace offerings to dedicate the house of the Lord (8:54-65).

Things God is teaching me in today’s reading:

  • The reason God did not allow David to build the temple was the “warfare with which his enemies surrounded him” (5:3). The application for me is: my actions have consequences.
  • The importance of obedience to God’s commands as we do His work (6:11-13).
  • The importance of prayer to reflect upon God’s blessing of our work (8:22-24).
  • We should go to our homes “joyful and glad of heart for all the goodness that the Lord has shown us” (8:66).

Things to act on in today’s reading:

  • To pay close attention to God’s way, to walk before Him, that His will be confirmed in me (8:25-26).
  • To be joyful and glad of heart for all of God’s goodness

Things to pray about in today’s reading:

  • That God’s “eyes may be open night and day toward this house” (8:29)
  • Lord, when I am defeated because I have sinned against You, help me to turn again to You and acknowledge Your name and pray and plead with You in Your house (8:33-34)
  • Lord, thank You for all the goodness you have shown me!

Thanks for reading with me dear friend. Have a blessed day!!

— Randy Sexton

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