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Word Use –How do we evaluate such????

Jesus was very serious when He mentioned the use of words. He said by them we’d be justified or by them we’d be condemned (Matt 12:36-37). Of course, the context was where people had charged Him with casting our demons by the prince of he devil. He points to the fact that people could blasphemy The Father and Him and still be saved, but when they blasphemed the Holy Spirit they could not be saved. This may be that people who did not yield to God in His early dealing with man, before Christ came on the scene, and even when He sent His Son, people might not yield. After the death of Christ and the Holy Spirit came guiding men to speak the total truth (Jn. 16:13), there would be no additional directions.

We know that people who rejected Christ as He was on the earth, and demanded that He be crucified, were convinced of His legitimate claim in being the Only Begotten Son of God, submitted to His authority and were thus saved (Cf. Acs 2:22-41).

We do know that the use of language, words, tells a lot about oneself. We need to be careful that we speak, accurately, decently, and be serious abut things that deal with our eternal salvation, our spiritual being. Careless speaking gets one into trouble on various fronts, but one who will not think seriously and speak the truth, is not accepted to God. So, each is to be concerned about his/her speech.

Paul points to the fact that wile among the Corinthians, he didn’t claim to know anything save Jesus Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor. 2:2). This was the center of Paul’s message, and he was determined to stay the course. Each of us should see the value of doing that. If we are teaching relative to spiritual matters, we are charged to speak as the oracles of God (1 Pet. 4:11).

Also, we are to speak clean decent speech. Paul tells the Ephesians to let no corrupt speech proceed out of their mouth (Eph. 4:29). The speech, the words that we communicate are to be those that are clan, and designed to enlightened and build up not tear down or discourage.

One of the discouraging things I see and hear today is corrupt communication in that it is profane and vulgar. I like to listen to country music, but lately is seems that many of the songs have curse word and vulgar word and or concepts. When I am listening to the Radio, and the song has such in it, I reach over and turn it off. I have to turn my radio off more and more lately, due to this very fact of corrupt words and ideas.

Also, it is easy, due to hearing so much of it being used in common everyday communication today, to become desensitized to such and adapt some of the faulty communication traits ourselves if we are not careful. Let us keep these word of the inspirited apostle in mind, so that when we hear such, there is a big red flag springing up in our mid so that we see such is not to be given serious thought to, and we see the evil in such. We reject such, realizing that such is NOT necessary to meaningful communication. In fact, such reveals ignorance on the part of the user. And, we are NOT going to see any benefit in such.

I hardly ever watch TV other than News, and then I get frustrated and turn it off, due to some reporter thinking that he/she has to use profane or vulgar word to communicate the event in the news. Such is silly, and needs to be rejected by us all. I try to express my displeasure at times to those so misusing their vocabulary in communicating. However, there is so much of it, I cannot respond to it all.

I haven’t watched a movie on TV for sometime, because when I thought I’d like to see one as it was announced, when I began to watch, it wasn’t long till I saw and heard things that turned me off. Therefore, I turned off the TV and did something else that was more moral, decent, and satisfying to me. Christian need to watch our speech -both what we speak out of our mouths, and what we allow to enter our mind. -William C. “Bill” Sexton